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I read this article in Experience Life Magazine. It’s titled “You, Unplugged.” It doesn’t address anything new. It simply reminds me that I spend too much time online. Between the day job and my personal projects, I’m rarely far from an internet connection. And how do I unwind at the end of a day? Care to guess? You get one try. :P I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now…I’m online.

I am a tinkerer. I’m reading about php now so I can tweak this website and Cat ‘N Owl. I spend a lot of time reworking tidbits of code just to see what happens. What’s scary is that I do this even when I don’t understand the code. :P

Anyway…my point in all this ramble is that this web junkie behavior contradicts what I am trying to learn with Reiki and even the basic steps in Tai Chi that I’m attempting to learn. I try to meditate but then feel the need to get up and check email|Twitter|Facebook|etc. You get the idea.

So here’s my goal…to go unplugged every Sat and Sun this summer. Can I do this? Who the hell knows? Fingers crossed though! :)

The X-Files 01 x 05: “Jersey Devil”

I’m re-watching some of The X-Files series over from the beginning and trying post a write-up about one episode a week.

Episode five is the missing link, Bigfoot-esque kinda episode, where the “creature” in question has been killing homeless people in New Jersey. First, let me say that I hated this episode the first time I saw it. Coming off the first four, man, it just couldn’t compare. I found it dull. But now that I watch it again, I am drawn to certain elements of it that developed Mulder and Scully more as characters.

Mulder is a workaholic. Passionate about his work too. His zealous drive to find this Bigfoot type being has him camping out with the homeless in order to find her. And he thrives in this kind of environment. I daresay he’s giddy at the adventure of it all!

Meanwhile, they tried to give Scully a personal life in this episode. They wanted to show us what she’d be giving up by working on the X-Files. She goes to her godson’s birthday where conversations lead to talk of kids and dating. She ends up on an awkward date, donning very 80s attire that was somewhat scary to see. Hah!

I also found that I enjoyed the tale of this Bigfoot-like woman this time around. Perhaps I was just nostalgic for X-Files. Who knows?

Fun Tidbit:

Mulder makes a joke about Elvis faking his own death. Elvis jokes show up from time to time in the series. It’s fun to watch out for them. :)

Interview in RT Book Reviews August Issue

RT Books Reviews Magazine: August 2009The August issue for RT Book Reviews magazine is out! :) I was one of the folks interviewed for an article on Twitter:

Ellora’s Cave author Kathy Kulig explains how authors and publishers can use Twitter to reach readers.

Also mentioned from Tor: Heather Osborn‘s crazy tweet requesting a completed manuscript to fill a hole.  I still can’t believe she did that. :P

Tor’s Twitter account:

The X-Files 01 x 04: “Conduit”

I’m re-watching some of The X-Files series over from the beginning and trying post a write-up about one episode a week.

Episode four is a classic alien abduction story. While camping near Lake Okobogee, A UFO hot spot, a teen named Ruby Morris disappears. Her mother seeks help by releasing the story of her daughter’s abduction to the tabloids.

Mulder snatches up the story because he identifies with her younger brother, Kevin, at having lost his own sister, Samantha. Through his investigation, we start to see the agony he experiences with his desperate hope of finding his sister again.

At first I enjoyed the earlier hintings of what could have happened to his sister. But here starts the chaos of the story that is to follow. It becomes the most inconsistent, splotchy mess of a story line that for many of us X-Files nuts, interest is eventually lost. But even with that, the show held its own as making it my favorite series to watch.

What I did like is that Scully is given Samantha’s case file to review and that sets up the moment for us where we first get to hear Mulder’s hypnosis regression session.

I also thought it was interesting to see Kevin acting as a “conduit” bringing in transmissions from above. He receives messages through the white static on the TV and transcribes them as scribblings of binary code. Pieced together, the pages of code create a memorable image of his sister.

Plus, I enjoyed the touching scene with Mulder trying to explain to Kevin that his sister isn’t coming back. Sure, it’s also Mulder trying to convince himself he won’t see Samantha again. It’s also harder for Mulder because in this case, Kevin got his sister back.

Not one of my favorite episodes, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Fun Tidbits:

Green by Jay Lake

Green by Jay LakeGorgeous cover isn’t it? The art is by Dan Dos Santos and has wallpaper available for it, so fyi to that. Jay Lake ran a photo contest that has some great pics you should see too.

For those unacquainted with how I talk about books online, I don’t really review our (Tor) books since it’s where I work. And truthfully, you wouldn’t believe my opinion anyway, right? But sometimes I do like to talk about things within a story and there you have it. There is a great review up on i09 for Green. Go read that if you are looking for a review.

Thar be spoilers in me ramblings…forewarned ye be.

What struck me most about the character Green was her fierce sense of will. She lost everything—even her name—when he father sold her into slavery. But something kept her going. Something that made her an inherent survivor, even at the age of three. And that would be her fabulous stubborn will. I love that!

There were so many times during the first part of the book where I thought, okay, she’s gotta cave now. She’s just a child. But nope. “I am Green, here me ROAR!” She didn’t actually ever say that, of course, but you get the idea.

Green’s world is brutal. Harsh. Crude. And the options she’s presented with are so damn limiting. You can A. Be shackled to a man and a few kids living in poverty, B. Be shackled to a man (or men) as a courtesan, C. Dismiss men all together and live as a lesbian, ass-kicking nun. Come on now, what will it be?

Heh. Well, there were other options but overall the world didn’t seem all that pretty for women, let alone a female child! And that’s what Green really was—a child. Sure she lived in one of those worlds where people marry as children. But that doesn’t exactly curtail childlike behavior. It’s that strange blend of being taught to act like a women but still often reacting as a child. Kick it first, ask questions later. Hell, there are times when I still want to do that and I’m just a wee bit older than 12! :P

The limited roles for women also played into Green’s struggle for self identity. She transitioned from being trained to be “woman” to disguising herself as a boy to taking a role normally given to a man. In the end, she will be woman as mother. And, she will also simply be Green.

Of course there is a lot more to the story than any of that tells you. There are Gods and Goddesses intertwining into the story too. And the ever present symbol of an ox named Endurance. Plus cat-like creatures and more! But it was Green’s stubborn will and reflecting on the roles of women in her world that stuck with me most and what I felt like rambling about today.

And that’s that.


Green by Jay Lake

Cat ‘N Owl: where metaphysical thinkings revel and play

Cat 'N OwlI meant to post an announcement for this new site over here and typical me, just never got around to it. Only so many hours in the day, you know?

In any event, Cat ‘N Owl is now live. Ta da! We haven’t added in the about and contact info to it yet, but it’s up and running. If you find any glitches, please let me know. I’m still working on things behind the scenes for it (for this site too!).

Other spots you can find us online are: Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Google Reader, and Tumblr. I also have a Facebook fan page up just for Reiki. I’m trying to share posts from not just Cat ‘N Owl, but from many metaphysical blogs I read. And if you have one you’d like to share with us, please do so!

That’s that. Have a happy day! :)