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Riese the Series: Episode 4: “Spares”

New Riese the Series episode is up. I keep waiting for something more to happen. The pace was a little better than ep 3, but it still feels like we are just biding time…

Episode 4: “Spares”
Unwilling to turn a blind eye to The Sect’s suspicious activities in Helmkin, Riese searches an eerie warehouse for answers.

If case you missed them:
Episodes 1: “The Hunt” & 2: “Fragments”

Episode 3: “Bind”

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More random scherenschnitte

It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten to work on any scherenschnitte.This weekend I finally got to work on some. I’m rusty.

I think I snipped a few of the flowers off in this one and the two little blobs on a bottom root are supposed to be mice. Er. Right…:

Girl and her dog

This Christmas gathering reminds me of a 50s sitcom:

Family Holiday

This one is a Mexican Papel Picado piece to celebrate the Day of the Dead. They typically use tissue paper to create many of these for banners, but I just used regular paper. I didn’t have any tissue on hand. Next time.


I played with silver oragami paper for this faerie:


And lastly I cut out a bunch of werewolves and witches. I stacked them to scan them since it seemed silly to show each individually. Lost the dark purple cat though. Hmm…


The templates I used: