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Beautiful/Decay: Cut Paper, 3 Parts, 9 Artists

Beautiful/Decay has a great piece on paper cutting up. It features 9 artists: Bovey Lee, Peter Callesen, Chris Natrop, Georgia Russell, Hunter Stabler, Kako Ueda, Natasha Bowdoin, Emma Van Leest, and Andreas Kocks.

I so want to learn to paper cut like this some day:

Bovey Lee, "Atomic Jellyfish", 2007

It’s awesome! :)

And trees, I can never get enough of cuts with trees in them:

Emma Van Leest, "Bucolica II", 2009

Check out the article here: Part 1, 2, 3

(via Paper Forest)

Huffington Post names Tor one of Best Publishers on Twitter

Thursday, The Huffington Post named some of the best publishers on Twitter and Tor was among those listed. Woot!

TOR (@torbooks) is one of the most prominent publishers of fantasy and science fiction books, so they have something of an advantage in the Twittersphere. TOR’s success — with over 13,000 followers — comes largely from the fact that it has a niche carved out for it, and knows who its audience is. In addition to info on TOR books, their Twitter feed provides great coverage of science fiction and fantasy news, and is also a place to talk about all sorts of related issues, from steampunk trends to the latest blogs from Cory Doctorow.

RIFT by James Jean

Oh wow, James Jean’s next art book (RIFT) looks awesome! I want. Very much so. And watching the video of how book can be folded into new scenes only makes me want it more. :)

Featuring 15 accordion-style gold-foil-stamped panels and a series of interconnected landscapes (that change depending on how they’re folded) and James’ sketch-work on the reverse side, it’s a really a sight to behold.

The book will debut at San Diego Comic-Con. There are some more detail shots over at Meathaus.

(via James Jean)

Why Twilight is Popular

I saw this a few days ago and it made me laugh. I just watched it again and what do you know, I laughed again. Heh. I can’t help it. I love seeing Twilight mocked. It’s a thing.

Epipheo Studios created this based off The Oatmeal’s “How Twilight Works.” Love the monotone voice! :P

My favorite mocking video is still Buffy vs Edward though:

Ooh, damn, now I have a stitch in my side from laughing. Hah.

New blog template up and running (so far) – woot!

I finally got the new template to load without throwing a temper tantrum. I’m crossing my fingers that it will keep working. If you see something explode over here, please let me know. :/

I opted for a layout that doesn’t make me focus on creating a logo or header. I’m no designer and any drawings I do are in pencil or charcoal. Neither of which has worked well for me with creating an image for the top of the blog. I can still add one in if I want but I’m not required…and that is key.

I’m still tweaking a few things. All my images are formatted for the old blog and not for use in slideshow on the home page. That’s why you’ll see some copy appear over top of a title sometimes. I’ll fix that in time. When I understand the code for the template better, I may pull the slide out all together. Not sure yet.

If you are the type who reads blogs view category, note that I’ve titled one “Randomness.” It’s purpose is to feed the slideshow. Nothing more. So don’t expect to find order or topics of one theme there.

That’s that. Have a happy rest of the day all! :)