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A lighthouse and some school thinkings

I built the last LEGO set I have today. This one is of a lighthouse:

My hands are officially wrecked. My fingers hurt and my nails are butchered. But all the building I’ve done through this recent LEGO obsession has been┬áSO worth it. Not only has it been a blast building all this awesome stuff (See the Millennium Falcon and behold the awesomeness there to see what I mean!), it’s also helping me work through my thoughts on going back to school.

I know, it’s kind of strange to say that it helped me thinking on things, especially since when I was building LEGOs, I was either listening to audiobooks or watching marathons. Yet somehow, I still did sort things out more. Not completely yet. Almost there I think though.

The gist is I’m going back to school. I’ve been thinking about going back for math for the past year and I’ve finally decided that yes, I am indeed going back to school for math.There’s such a beauty in math and the fact that I keep ignoring that seems like I’m trying to deny myself the ability to breathe. Though, who knows? I could take some classes and realize it’s not for me. But at least I will have tried! :)

The part I haven’t resolved yet is what else I’m going back for. Part of me is thinking of a combined natural science/math degree, perhaps focusing that science on environmental science. Another part of me keeps thinking, how in the world can I neglect computer programming? So, while I haven’t figured it out completely yet, I do know that math will be part of whatever I do.

I’ve already started working on refreshing my memory of it since EGAD, it’s been a century since I took the basics. To help with refreshing the cobwebbed noggin’, I got a few classes through The Great Courses. Right now I’m working my way through Algebra II. Then I’ll move on through Trig & Pre-Calc, then Calc, and I’ll finish up with a class on differential equations. At that point, I’ll take a placement test and see what kinds of classes I should start with.

I’m not sure yet when I’ll start. I have programming classes to take for ye ol’ day job this Fall too. I may not start the math until Winter, but I may take a science class sooner. Who knows? There is also writing to fit in somewhere too. I have short stories nagging at me and my trilogy lurking at me from my desk. My schedule is about to get very interesting to say the least. But it’ll be worth it!

It seems fitting to me that this last LEGO set I worked on is of a lighthouse. It’s that literal moment of clicking on the light and thinking, yes, I will do this. I have to try. It’s so time to shake my life up a bit!

Oh! I also found it interesting that this particular LEGO set came with instructions for a boathouse:

and a seafood restaurant:

Working through it, I paid particular attention to what pieces were turned into completely different things from one set to another. It reminded me how ideas can change shape and transform into something that doesn’t even hint at the initial inkling. Yes, my head was very rambly today while I built these. It happens. :P But it reminded me that going to school to take a few classes is just step one. Who knows where it will take me? I may end up taking completely different classes next year. And I’m excited by the where this will lead. Woot!

And that’s that for this ramble. Have a happy night all! :)

LEGO Millennium Falcon

A few days ago, I went to Toys R Us in search of the LEGO AT-AT but they were out of stock. Then I turned around and discovered that what they did have in stock was the Millennium Falcon. How could I resist, eh? It’s too awesome to pass up. I just finished putting it together and have to say that I was giddy with ever step along the way. This was so much fun to build!

I love all the intricate ways it’s constructed and all the wonderful details! Here are some more views of it:

It came with an adorable Darth Vader and I had to put him somewhere. So, on top of the Millennium Falcon he went. :P

And that’s that. It’s been one excellent day. Indeed. Hope you’ve had a happy Saturday too! :)

Knitting Class Week 1

Ever since I saw these TARDIS socks, I’ve been itching to make my own. Problem is, I have no clue how to knit. I decided to fix that and signed up for a knitting class through a Lion Brand Yarn store.

We had our first class this week and it was a lot of fun! We learned to cast on and a knit stitch. So far, I feel like a clod trying to knit and clumsy with every step. They say we have to practice to develop muscle memory and I’m hoping that means I’ll feel less clumsy with it eventually. Our homework this week was to practice casting on and working on the knit stitch. Here’s how it’s going so far:

I’m having fun working on it. Next week we learn the purl stitch. Onward I go on my quest to learn to knit so I can eventually make TARDIS socks. Woot! :)

LEGO Addiction Continues

Yep, I couldn’t resist. I built another set from the Alien Conquest LEGO theme. And yep, another vehicle.The alien pod-like ships are SO adorable! :)

I’m also working on the Millennium Falcon. Still have a ways to go, but I’m having a great time building it. It’s awesome! I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. I’ll post final pics then. :)

And that’s all I really have to say about that. Have a happy day!

A LEGO weekend

I never realized I had a LEGO addiction but this weekend proved it’s there. :P I got a few sets to have something to do while trapped inside on this brutally hot weekend. I get super antsy when this sort of thing happens. LEGOs proved perfect for keeping my hands busy. And I want to build more but I’ve run out of sets. I guess I could take them apart and rebuilt them. Perhaps.

The Harry Potter sets were fun to make. The Knight Bus is missing a piece so the light in the top level of the bus can’t be hung. That’s frustrating.

For the Alien Conquest set, my favorite piece is the alien that clings to a person’s head. He’s hard to see below though. The figure on the stretcher has one stuck on her head and the figure under the UFO tripod has one on his head too. You can also see one here.

By the time I worked on this one from the Pharaoh’s Quest set, I finally noticed a trend. I seem to favor LEGO sets with vehicles in them. Every single LEGO set I picked up had some mode of transportation theme going on!

I also worked on a few Erector Set things. I like the ship (Yet another vehicle, I know! :P) and love that I have instructions for making it into another style of ship too. The mini bot is a disappointment though. It was way too easy to put together. Must be for really young uns but I didn’t notice when I got it. It makes noise and lights up. Moves back and forth too. *yawn*

I also put together a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, I really do get this antsy to be outside when it’s too hot to be there. If I didn’t do stuff like this, I’d pace like some caged animal. It’s a thing. Anyway, wolves…but since there’s a moon, I’m taking them to be werewolves.

I have one more Erector Set model that I can build today. Er, that too is a vehicle. Of course it is, right? Sheesh.

I’ve had a blast though. I’ve been listening to A Dance With Dragons audiobook while I build them. I also caught up on Eureka and The Closer. So, all in all, pretty relaxing weekend. Can’t wait until I can get back outside though. I miss my weekend 5 mile hikes!

As for my new found LEGO addiction, I must, I mean MUST build an AT-AT as soon as I can get my hands on it. Woot!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend and have kept cool! :)