Daily Archives: August 9, 2011

Bag o’ Yarn

I have absolutely zero will power. Actually, I don’t believe I ever had any and I’m not exactly sure how one gets some. Do you have any ideas there? :P

Anyway, I went to the yarn store during my lunch today. I was on a quest to get cable needles that I need for class next week. But the cable needles were in the back of the store. I had to pass by all the yarn to get there.

Um. So, this is what happened:

I know, so much yarn! I swear it’s not my fault! The yarn…it started talking to me. Beckoning me to take it home and practice knitting with it. Who was I to resist? I suspect the yarn was just bored sitting there on the shelf.  But who can really know for sure? Perhaps yarn is simply social. :P

I did get a nice sampling of different types of yarn though. I’m hoping to see what it’s like using various the textures and types of yarn. Woot!

No idea how I’m getting it all home though. The sky demons are raging war outside at the moment. Perhaps there will be a calm hiccup when it’s time to go home. Hope so! :)