Building a LEGO AT-AT Walker is an excellent way to spend a rainy Sunday. :) Sun’s coming back out now so perfect timing with finishing this. Woot!

I was surprised at how flimsy the neck is on this thing. When I attached it, it fell ¬†off. The connecting piece was way to small to support the weight. I had to build in an anchor just to get it to stay on. Weird. A piece in the back didn’t fit like pictured either. Kind of baffling since I didn’t run into any of these sorts of problems while building the Millennium Falcon. Still awesome though!

And here is how Ruki spent her morning, beached on one of her scratchy boxes:

Hope you are having a great day! :)

3 thoughts on “LEGO AT-AT Walker

  1. I have the same problem with the neck on my at walker — thanks for sharing. Can you be more specific about how you fixed the problem i.e, what do you mean “anchor” Thanks. – Hasid

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