Daily Archives: August 28, 2011

Knit 2, purl 2, and a tra la la we go

Man, I have been so bored this weekend. I’m grateful for the boredom though. I could have had worse to deal this weekend to deal with than just idle time.

I tried to take advantage of the forced time indoors and caught up on some homework. I’m taking a refresher course in  HTML & CSS. It’s through O’Reilly’s School of Technology. I only have a couple lessons left to do. I’m dreading my next class, JavaScript. It’s been a decade since I worked in that last and when I did, it made me miserable. I think that’s why I’m being slow about finishing these last few classes. :P

I decided to distract myself from homework by with knitting. It’s been a couple weeks since I knitted. I had been taking a 6 week class but I had to miss 2 sessions and will probably miss a third. Stuff came up. You know how it goes. So, I’ll be learning cable stitch and whatever else we were supposed to learn in class on my own. S’ok though. There are lots of videos online that show each step. Yay for that!

Anyway, I looked for a pattern and found this one on Lion Brand’s site. It looked good for a beginner so I  gave it a try:

I used what yarn I had on hand and cast on 50 stitches because that’s where the width felt right with this yarn to me. I’ve made a few mistakes but so far they aren’t horrible ones.They were probably made because I’ve been watching an X-Files marathon while I work. On Humbug now!

I plan to make it really long which will be perfect for keeping at the office. I sit on the windy side of the building and winters can be rough (especially when boilers break). I’m also planning on making a small blanket to wrap over my legs. Yes, it gets that cold!

While I’ve been bored this weekend, Ruki found the rain to be mesmorizing:

She’s also had an active weekend of sleeping and attacking anything in sight.

And that’s about it for what’s going on with us this weekend. I guess I should get back to knitting or *sigh* finishing those classes. Or I could work on math homework instead since I have that to do to. :P

Hope you are all hanging in there ok this weekend!