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Woo! I finished reorganizing my bookshelves! It all started when I decided I wanted to get rid of my DVD cases and use binders instead. The DVDs are now on 1 shelve (bottom left) instead of 6. Yeah, I have a lot of DVDs. It’s the TV series that take up so much room. :P I kept the Buffy DVDs in their original DVD case though because I like that packaging. I love how I got to spread out all my manga and have a shelf just for my Harry Potter books. Yay! :)

So then I moved on to the next set of shelves. I reorganized them and pulled out books for donations. These shelves are my mass markets, some writing books, X-Files, and new age. It looks full, but those mass markets shelves were a whole lot more full before. :P

And lastly, I cleaned up the shelves in my entry way. I had to step into my hallway to take this pic. There isn’t enough room to get the entire shelf in the pic otherwise. My door is being propped open by boxes full of things I’m donating thanks to all this spring cleaning. This shelf has books my grandparents left me, some anthologies, trade paperbacks, ya & kids, and my Calvin & Hobbes collection. Yeah, I have a lot of books. It is known. :P

Whew and yay! :)