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Scherenschnitte: Cinderella

I tried out one of Cindy’s recent scherenschnitte templates from her blog. This one is of Cinderella. I created mirrored versions of her and positioned them slightly off-kilter on the scanner. It kind of makes me think of two women just out doing their laundry. Then crazy birds try to steal it away. :P

You can download the template to try out yourself here. :)

Beautiful/Decay: Cut Paper, 3 Parts, 9 Artists

Beautiful/Decay has a great piece on paper cutting up. It features 9 artists: Bovey Lee, Peter Callesen, Chris Natrop, Georgia Russell, Hunter Stabler, Kako Ueda, Natasha Bowdoin, Emma Van Leest, and Andreas Kocks.

I so want to learn to paper cut like this some day:

Bovey Lee, "Atomic Jellyfish", 2007

It’s awesome! :)

And trees, I can never get enough of cuts with trees in them:

Emma Van Leest, "Bucolica II", 2009

Check out the article here: Part 1, 2, 3

(via Paper Forest)

Lost Things

I love this! It’s a gorgeous video! It’s a stop motion short film, written and directed by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. Starring Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy. Music is “Sleepwalking” by A Fine Frenzy. There are a few paper cuts in this and they were done by Mr. Yen.

And like Cindy from Scherenschnitte, I’m now wondering if I can get away with that shade of red hair. :P

(via Scherenschnitte)

Scherenschnitte: Dinoride!

As I mentioned on Twitter, as soon as I saw the template Cindy posted today, I knew I’d have to try it out tonight. I made one rider into a girl by adding a ponytail. Think of them as twins heading into dinobattle. Heh. Now I have “Wonder Twins, activate” in my head. :P And, I couldn’t help but think of Dresden and good ol’ Sue when I was cutting these out. :D Weird night. What can I say?